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Home Use Genuine DermarollerNew to Dermaroller? Then this is the perfect home use roller for you.

Once the redness has cleared after a Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy procedure, it is important that the skin is cared for on an ongoing daily basis with an effective anti-ageing regime. An effective regime will typically use dermo-cosmetic products to:

Ask your medical aesthetic practitioner what products they would recommend for your skin. Genuine Dermaroller™ home mesorejuvenation treatment uses the home-use C8 Dermaroller.™ Used 2 to 3 times a week at home under the direction of your aesthetic practitioner, it will stimulate the epidermis and enhance the penetration of specific skin products, improving your anti-ageing skincare and your goal of younger and healthier looking skin.

This kit includes:

Genuine Dermaroller™ Home C8 0.2mm 192 micro-surgical needles in 8 rows. Needle length 0.2mm, width of roller-head 20mm in storage box & supplied with Dermaroller™ Cleaner.

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