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Protocol for Cosmetic Micro Needling (Home Dermaroller)

Month 1Month 1:

Introduce Vitamin A to your skin.

Unless your skin is used to high strength Vitamin A, it is always better to introduce Vitamin A to the skin slowly. Vitamin A is full of 'active' ingredients and as such , some patients may experience a mild 'retinoid reaction'. This usually manifests itself in a dryer, tighter skin for a couple of weeks, until the skin gets used to the active ingredients. This is absolutely normal and nothing to be concerned about as the skin will adjust quickly.

Vitamin A can be used am and pm as a transdermal moisturiser (its active ingredients go into the skin rather than sitting on the surface of the skin).

A great morning routine for the first month would be:

We will add to this as the months go on but this a great start.

Introduce Cosmetic Micro Needling (Home Dermaroller)

Commence microneedling every night. The more often you can do this, the better your skin will respond. Aim for between 4 to 7 times per week. Needle the skin for approximately 2 minutes, ensuring all the surface area is covered and then apply your topical Vitamin A cream.

Remember Vitamin A is the skins main repair nutrient and is essential for collagen replacement and repair.

A great evening routine for the first month would be:

Month 2Month 2

Introduce Hyaluronic Acid

Keep to your Month 1 protocol but add in Hyaluronic Acid. This can be layered onto the skin just prior to needing. Needle as normal and apply your topical Vitamin A, as usual, after your needling procedure.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to surround and support collagen and elastin and attracts water to these important cells, it is the main fluid of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid acts like a little water magnet and helps the skin look plumper and better hydrated.

Morning routine will stay the same:

A great evening routine for this second month would be:

Month 3Month 3

Add in Growth Factors

Keep to your month 2 protocol but add in Growth Factors. Growth Factors are becoming a very popular way of increasing and maximising results with micro needling techniques. Used in the medical field for years, growth factors as a cosmetic ingredient is relatively new, however the results are very promising. Growth factors are required to promote healing after injury, a perfect addition when undertaking a micro needling protocol.

Again, layer onto the skin with the hyaluronic acid prior to needling.

By this stage, you will probably have used up all your Environ AVST 1 and wish to move up to AVST 2, giving you a higher strength of Vitamin A. Don't forget, the idea is to increase your levels of Vitamin A as quickly as possible to help maximise your results.

Morning routine will stay the same:

A great evening routine for this third month would be:

Month 4Month 4

Introduce Vitamin C

Keep to your month 3 protocol but add in Vitamin C. Vitamin C can be introduced as part of your daily routine. Vitamin A is an antioxident, a free radical scavenger, which means it helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the environment, such as UVA/UVB light, smoking and pollution. Again, importantly, Vitamin C helps stop the breakdown of Vitamin A, the essential skin nutrient.

A great morning routine at this fourth month would be:

A great evening routine for this fourth month would be:

This is the routine you will now stick to, slowly introducing higher levels of Vitamin A, until you reach AVST 5.

The results of Vitamin A and Cosmetic Micro Needling are proven but it takes time and commitment to achieve the positive results we see on committed clients. This is not a quick fix but the results really are worth it. By adding in other ingredients such as Growth Factors, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, you really are giving the skin its best possible chance of repair and normalisation. The results can be dramatic and positive change is always evident.

Micro Needling is fast taking over the need for more dramatic surgical intervention and with time and patience measurable changes can be seen in wrinkles, folds, creases, texture and skin tone. Micro Needling is fast becoming the way forward in non surgical intervention.