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Genuine Dermaroller Derma-StampEffective scar treatment using the latest techniques

The Genuine Dermaroller DermaStamp is ideal for treating isolated, well-circumscribed or difficult to access scars.

The DermaStamp is a sterile, single use, and very unique and versatile surgical instrument. As with other Medical Dermaroller procedures, patients experience on average a 75% improvement after treatment of an atrophic scar.

The Advantages of Genuine Dermaroller DermaStamp:

DermastampDermaStamp is a small, compact, and versatile medical device that can be used singly or in conjunction with other Dermaroller medical devices according to the type and location of the scar(s). At the discretion of your medical professional, the procedure can be performed with or without topical anaesthesia, or after a local anaesthetic injection.

The needle sharpness and needle arrangement guarantee easy manual skin penetration with minimal force. This allows easy access to formerly difficult-to-reach areas and a more comfortable treatment experience for the patient.

The surgical stainless steel needles have a diameter of only 0.12 mm and a length of 2.0 mm. Depending on the location and desired type of therapy, smaller versions can be manufactured by special request down to 0.1 mm needle length.

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