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Genuine Dermaroller and mesotherapy

Genuine DermarollerIn Clinic Treatment

Mesotherapy Treatments can be added to Dermaroller Treatments to enhance results. A cocktail of vitamins can be either injected using CE marked/FDA approved products by Mesoesteric or pushed in using the Transderm Mesotherapy Method (non injection technique).

There are additional benefits to the skin when using these two treatments, including an increased skin hydration and luminosity. This is a great treatment for both age management and before an important event such as a wedding or important party. Skin really does glow but also has the added benefits of longer term repair encouraged by the dermaroller.

This Collagen Induction Method can be used with an in clinic roller of 1.5mm or with a home roller of 0.2mm. Additional mesotherapy products can be used at home to consolidate and further improve results.

Which Skin Conditions can be Treated?


Dermaroller improves the thickness of the dermis as well as the epidermis. This in return improves skin texture, reducing wrinkles and tightening skin. It can also have a positive effect on both hyper and hypo pigmentation. By adding mesotherapy products, skin gains a hydration and luminosity.


After full consultation, a treatment plan will be recommended. These treatments can be done as a one off before a special event r as a course of treatments to address age management issues.


New collagen and elastin fibres are stimulated. Skin looks tighter, brighter and feels tighter. Skin looks plump and glowing.

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